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Kahrs Ash Air

£95.00m2 Call for unbeatable discounted prices

Kahrs Ash Flow

£95.00m2 We offer matching thresholds with every floor*

Kahrs Ash Stream

£95.00m2 Offering volume discounts on all floors not just this floor

Kahrs Oak Coast

£95.00m2 We can offer you everything you need to complete your project

Kahrs Oak Horizon

£95.00m2 Offering expensive flooring but at trade prices

Kahrs Oak Shore

£95.00m2 Massive stocks held within our consortium

Kahrs Oak Sky

£95.00m2 Every day is a sale day so call us

Kahrs Oak Sun

£95.00m2 We are the experts in engineered flooring

Kahrs Oak Terra

£95.00m2 Call for unbeatable discounted prices