One continuous top layer
Awards the room a very special visual impact.
Solid wood strip middle layer made of spruce.
With Top Connect, one of the worlds fastest installation systems; easy to install with hardly any tools required.
Suitable for use with underfloor heating.
Top layer thicknes: approx. 3.5mm
Surface layer dimensions: 180 x 2200mm
(Exception: Smoked Oak, African Oak, Thermo Wood and Ash Fancy
173 x 2200mm.
Pm permaDur
nD naturaDur
n+ naturaLin plus
r unfinished

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Haro African Oak 528674

£80.00/m² £253.60 per pack

Haro Fumed Oak 538968

£80.00/m² £253.60 per pack

Haro Light White Markant 531216

£65.00/m² £206.05 per pack

Haro Oak Markant Oil 528682

£55.00/m² £174.35 per pack

Haro Oak Markant Satin 524558

£55.00/m² £174.35 per pack

Haro Oak Sauvage Matt 535448

£60.00/m² £190.20 per pack

Haro Oak Sauvage Oil 528695

£60.00/m² £190.02 per pack

Haro Puro Caramel Sauvage 533041

£59.00/m² £187.03 per pack

Haro Puro Stone Markant 533036

£63.00/m² £199.71 per pack

Haro Smoked Oak 530148

£70.00/m² £221.90 per pack

Haro Tobacco Grey 530795

£59.00/m² £187.03 per pack